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Welcome to Saharsh India

Why? If God tells me the reason, why am I born? then life would seem so much easier. Every life has a reason behind it and that reason is life itself.

Giving something back to society became the 'why' of the life of Saharsh. A kid was made to go to school today. But why? Because to leave behind the illiterate background that he had. A girl learnt handicrafts the other day. And why? Because she needed much crucial vocational training to back her education and earn her own bread.

ABC Begins

  • Basic module incorporating all children
  • Learning with co-curricular activities
  • Helps them craft their future

Back to School

  • Discerns the reasons for discontinuing the schooling
  • Directs them towards learning
  • Monitor the progress and customsize the module depending on their susceptibility

Differently Abled

  • Infusing confidence in the differently-abled
  • Encourage them face challenges by making them independent
  • Incorporates vocational training together with academics

Learn to Earn

  • Vocational training to aid the learning process
  • Train the children to support their living
  • Make them independent by assisting them

Corporate EduKid

A lot of corporate have started to become a real citizen. And so a lot of corporate social responsibility activities are being taken up.

Beyond School

This is demo text brief text about this module. While clicking on read more it will take you to detailed info page of this module.
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